In this most beautiful endeavor of educating the students we veterans and new teachers agree to groom the next generation to take over the reins of this great country. I thank you Parents for enrolling your wards in our institution for which our future generation shall remain indebted to you all.

PEPS will focus on the holistic development of the student and at the same time will maintain a stress free environment for the Students & Parents.

According to Eleanor Roosevelt “It is today we must create the world of the future”. PEPS will provide a platform for students to take education with its global dimensions beyond tomorrow. Conceived in a spirit of patriotic and dedicated service in the cause of Education, PEPS is meant to develop into a citadel of culture and fulfill a lofty mission. The aim of the school authorities and the well planned efforts will mould the mind, heart and soul of every child.

It is you Parents who look forward towards us with lots of hope and aspirations and therefore it is our responsibilities to foster a learning community. So with all this enthusiasm I hope and believe that with in the coming times we are going to see and achieve great heights.

This Website offers a brief glimpse of the school’s achievements. I do hope that our website will continue to inspire, encourage and stimulate all the readers and remain a treasure that will always be cherished

 We are always with you and I request you to pray to the Almighty to give us strength to achieve incredible results.

Mrs. Christina Prabakaran